Snowboard group course

We offer snowboard courses for children with all levels of ability.

Each course covers a different range of educational goals. Please see our Levelsystem KIDS for more details on the different levels.

We aim to keep our groups small with a max. of 8 children per snowboard instructor. This ensures that all children in the group are more or less at the same level.

Our trained Snowboard Instructors teach the children playfully how to improve their technique and get along safely in a ski area, for example how to use the lifts. Fun and play are important aspects of our teaching concept.

The group course starts on Monday and can be booked for 3 or 5 half days. Meeting point is at the Bolgen area at our red tent.

Level system snowboard kids

Basic 1

Basic 1

Getting used to your board, diagonal sliding and traversing, chaning direction with the basic turn, braking and stopping, using lifts.

Basic 2

Confidence in turning, Introdution to turning by weighting and unweighting the board, 360 slope spins, Short fakie runs, Increased performance on easy slopes.

Basic 3

Extentsion and flexion turns, swivel turns, changing direction using the edges of the board, jumps and ollies, increased performance on moderately easy slopes.