Private adults

During private lessons you get great one-on-one instruction and the complete undivided attention of one of our instructors to learn at your own pace and comfort level.

From complete beginner to experienced skier, we take care of your personal wishes and adapt the teaching to your needs. Quick progress, fun and safety are guaranteed.

Classes for beginners and low-intermediate skiers take place in our practicing area at Bolgen at the bottom of the Jakobshorn ski area.

Intermediate and advanced skiers can choose where to meet the instructor.

Level system ski

First Timer

First Timer

I was never skiing before, this is my very first time.


I can ski in the snowplough, but don’t feel confident on a blue slope yet.


I feel safe skiing down a blue slope, I try out red slopes, but don’t feel confident there yet.


I’m a confident skier on blue and red slopes. I’m still working on my technique and learning to ski down black slopes confidently.

Special Courses: Carving, Short swing, …

I’m a good skier on all slopes but would like to learn some specific techniques.

Level system snowboard

Basic 1

Basic 1

Getting used to your board, diagonal sliding and traversing, chaning direction with the basic turn, braking and stopping, using lifts.

Basic 2

Confidence in turning, Introdution to turning by weighting and unweighting the board, 360 slope spins, Short fakie runs, Increased performance on easy slopes.

Basic 3

Extentsion and flexion turns, swivel turns, changing direction using the edges of the board, jumps and ollies, increased performance on moderately easy slopes.